What’s the SVVS?

The Silicon Valley Video Summit is where video & broadcast meets big tech.  On January 23, 2024, right in the heart of Silicon Valley, the event will once again host a landmark exchange of thought leadership on the state of enterprise video production and technology.  SVVS has already become the annual video and broadcast event of the year for big tech video users and developers.

Who’s behind this show?

As part of an initiative to build a community of big tech video production professionals, SVG has worked since 2019 to develop and serve this vibrant community with in-person and virtual events, and a monthly newsletter.  SVG has worked with channel experts ASG and B&H to identify and reach the most influential users and buyers of video technology at the big tech companies.

Who are the advisors?

The program for SVVS is once again being developed by a committee of program advisors from the leading big tech firms.  Our list of advisors represents video producers and engineers from Facebook, Google, Intel, Linked in, Microsoft Studios,  with more to come.

What’s the agenda?

The agenda is being developed by our advisors and event sponsors.  A preliminary list of topics includes: Remote Production, Production in the Cloud, Virtual Production, Video and the Metaverse, Advancements in Streaming Technology, and Content Management and Storage.

Who is coming?

Here’s a link to the type of companies and job titles who attended last year’s inaugural event.

Why SVG?

Because of their expertise at producing high-value, live video, many sports television professionals have migrated their careers to the enterprise video sector. SVG has identified this community of valuable end-users as important to connect with on behalf of our members and sponsors; Silicon Valley Video is an official, board-sanctioned SVG initiative.

Where’s it happening and when?

The end of January has proved to be a wide open time-slot in the annual video and broadcast event calendar and last year’s show drew over 400 attendees  The Computer History Museum is a popular and convenient meeting place for executive-level conferences in Silicon Valley.