Produced by Future Media Conferences

Separate registration ($249)

Supercharge your Silicon Valley Video Summit programming experience with the Adobe in Post-Production workshop on January 26th! Produced by Future Media Conferences, the leading Adobe Authorized Training Center, in partnership with the Silicon Valley Video Summit and led by renowned Adobe certified instructor Nick Harauz, this comprehensive full-day workshop will feature in-depth training sessions designed to help you maximize your creativity and technical abilities. Join Nick as he takes you on a deep dive into the most popular Adobe programs and workflows used by the industry’s leading professionals. Planned sessions will cover a variety of compelling topics. Premiere Pro for Broadcast will give attendees a basic understanding of color correction, adjusting audio, and working with effects and transitions. Adobe iOS apps for Video and AR Workflows will help identify the most useful iOS apps to help with post-production editing straight on your phone. Check out the schedule below for the full list of available sessions. You don’t want to miss it!

What is included with your Adobe in Post-Production pass:

  • (2) Recordings of Adobe Certified Professional Prep Courses (After Effects and Premiere Pro)
  • Access to 20+ hours of FMC Adobe Creative Cloud training VOD content
  • 50% off Adobe Certified Professional Exam
  • Full day of programming
  • Provided lunch
  • Free access to co-located Silicon Valley Video Summit sessions and exhibits

Full-Day Workshop Program

Deep Dive in Premiere Pro for Broadcast

New to Premiere Pro or looking for a refresher in how you can use it for broadcast? In this 90 min session, veteran Adobe certified video trainer Nick Harauz will walk you through the basics of Premiere Pro and the tools that will help you in your video editing workflow.

Topics include:
  • Importing and Proxy workflows
  • Staying organized
  • Creating assembly edits
  • Working with effects and transitions
  • Adjusting audio
  • Color correction
  • Exporting and meeting standard broadcast requirements.

By the end of this session, you’ll know how easy it is to Import, Edit and Export content inside of Premiere Pro.

AI and Machine Learning Workflows in Adobe Video: Past, Present and Future

AI tools powered by Adobe Sensei are here to assist you in video editing and VFX. You already have access to lots of this since AI and Machine Learning are now commonly involved in daily editorial tasks.

Adobe Certified trainer Nick Harauz, is going to show you the different tools in Adobe Videos product line that use AI and machine learning including helping with tasks such as color correction, music, closed captioning and object removal. We’ll also take a look at Adobe’s new Project Blink as well as effects that might be hitting your favorite video applications very soon.

By the end of this session, you have a good understanding of how AI is and will be used in video editing and Motion graphics.

Working with 360 Video

360 video technology offers creative professionals interesting new ways to create flat and immersive content. If you’re interested in creating 360 videos in Premiere Pro, then this workshop will get you up to speed with the 360 video process. Instructor Nick Harauz goes over  how to leverage those 360 tools to create, edit, and export high-quality videos. Nick dives into the differences between AR, VR, and 360 and shares production and post-production considerations. He also shows you how to edit VR clips, add transitions and effects, export your final projects, and more.

  • Learning objectives
  • Differences between 360 video, virtual reality, and augmented reality
  • Stitching before edit
  • Working with Ambisonic Sound.
  • Importing, editing, and organizing VR clips in Premiere Pro
  • Adding transitions, effects, and graphics in Premiere Pro
  • Reorienting your 360 shots with Premiere Pro
  • Exporting your projects

Adobe iOS apps for Video and AR Workflows 

Looking to see how your phone can be used to assist you for video editing, graphics and AR? In this session, Nick Harauz will take you through 3 Adobe iOS apps that will help with your post production needs.

We’ll Look at:
  • Adobe Capture for color and graphics
  • Adobe Rush for capturing and assembling video
  • Adobe Aero for creating AR experiences and utilizing free 3D content

By the end of this session, you’ll know how you can use these Apps as well as connect to them from Adobes desktop Apps.

Video Review and Collaboration with

Looking for more efficient ways to streamline the video editing review process? Adobe CC users now have access to from right inside of Premiere Pro and After Effects. In this session, Adobe certified instructor Nick Harauz will take you through the ins and outs of working with from right inside Adobe Premiere.

We’ll look at how we can upload lots of video content efficiently, address our colleagues and clients comments without ever having to leave the application, and how to work with versions and annotations for seamless review. Finally, we’ll take a peak at’s new camera to cloud workflow.

By the end of this session, you’ll have a strong understanding in how to access and work with for your next project.