How can corporate video producers start using virtual sets (VS) technology to communicate creatively and cost-effectively with their teams, partners and customers. This topic will be explored by industry experts during the Studio Production & Post Track panel session “Corporate Virtual Production: From the Dream to the Screen” at the second annual Silicon Valley Video Summit (SVVS), Jan. 23.

The panel will be moderated by Erik Weaver, Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) at the University of Southern California (USC) head of virtual and adaptive production. His past accomplishments in the media and entertainment market have included projects on high dynamic range (HDR), cloud-based workflows, and live 360.

The SVVS panel will include Eric Hards, Lockheed Martin Space creative director; Sheiva Khalily, Lux Machina Consulting virtual production supervisor; Will Moran, Google manager/producer, people development; and Chris Stackhouse, Goal Line Studios industrial engineer/design consultant.

Hards has over 25 years of creative leadership experience on client and production fronts. In his capacity as creative director at Lockheed, he has navigated all aspects of creative development, spanning print, video, web, environmental design, and live production.

Khalily previously worked for Disney Shanghai as a technical specialist for several stage shows before joining Lux Machina, where she has worked as an engine operator and producer for the League of Legends: World Championships in Shanghai.

Moran leads a team of filmmakers who create videos supporting Googlers with leadership and career development. He oversees the operations of the People Development Studio, a facility that enables scaled education and swift content generation. Moran also manages vendors and multimillion-dollar budgets, ensuring quality, efficiency, and compliance.

Chris Stackhouse leads the innovative technology team at Goal Line Productions, a full-service production sound stage in the San Francisco Bay Area that offers cutting-edge virtual production solutions for the television and film entertainment industry. Owned by producer Joe Madden (son of coach and broadcaster John Madden), Goal Line  is the most advanced virtual production studio in Northern California. Its video wall stands 106 feet across by 20 feet tall and can host the most complex in-camera tracking effects productions, whether it be a live streamed event, a commercial shoot, or a simple event space rental.