SMPTE 2110 stands to have major benefits for vitual production, industry executives will address during the Virtual Production Workshop session “Integrating SMPTE 2110 in Virtual Production,” at the second annual Silicon Valley Video Summit (SVVS), Jan. 23.

The panel of experts will explore what adoption of 2110 means for virtual production with LED volumes, what the benefits are, and whether it can be implemented for any environment.

The panel will be moderated by Michel Suissa, who, as the managing director of The Studio division of B&H, has spearheaded the development of high-end solutions for the professional media industry.  B&H is sponsoring all three virtual production sessions at this year’s show.

The panel will include Alejandro Arango, Epic Games technical director, virtual production; Jeremy Hochman, Megapixel CEO and co-founder; and Thomas True, NVIDIA senior applied engineer, Professional Video & Image Processing.

Arango is an electronics engineer with 20 years of experience making devices and writing software for the film industry. In 2021, he was a recipient of a Sci-Tech Technical Achievement award for his work on the Technoprops head-mounted camera system. He joined Epic four years ago and has been leading its virtual production development team.

Hochman’s company, Megapixel, is a pioneer in visual technology including processing, screen analytics, and display tech. Hochman has been actively involved in SMPTE’s rapid industry solutions group, a member of the TV academy, and has been working in virtual production for 20 years – long before it was called virtual production.

True focuses on the integration of GPU and IP networking technologies into broadcast, video, and film applications from pre-visualization to post production and live to air.