For many corporate video producers and engineers, artificial intelligence (AI) is already here and being used for camera tracking, localization and teleprompting, but more AI applications are coming that stand to help the industry, industry executives will point out during the general session “AI-for-Video Production & Post – Today!” at the second annual Silicon Valley Video Summit (SVVS), Jan. 23.

The panel will be moderated by Noah Kadner, American Cinematographer Magazine virtual production editor, who has been closely following everything dealing with next-generation production and post-production technologies.

The panel will include Michael Cioni, CEO and founder of tech startup Strada, which has a cloud platform for AI-based utility and focuses on automation of AI for workflows of creatives; director/filmmaker Jon Finger; Philippe Petitpont, Newsbridge CEO and co-founder; and Pinar Seyhan Demirdag, Cuebric, AI director and co-founder.

Cioni has about 150 feature film credits, along with production and post production workflow experience, and has been a patent holder for several post production workflow technologies.

Finger is a filmmaker who has more than 14 years of experience, during which he was an early pioneer in 3D scanning, at-home motion capture, VR sculpting, 3D printed props, drones, and virtual production that opened up new creative possibilities. For the past two years, he has been exploring how AI can further empower independent filmmakers and transform the production process.

Petitpont’s company, Newsbridge, created MXT-1, a generative and multimodal AI technology for media asset indexing. He started the company to use the power of AI to manage the huge amount of video content generated by media rights holders around the world.

Demirdag serves as LinkedIn’s official voice on generative AI, with her course “What is Generative AI?” engaging more than 500,000 viewers in only six months and being translated into five languages. In 2020, Demirdag co-founded Seyhan Lee, billed as the first creative AI production company and her company Cuebric, an AI-based software platform for filmmaking, was developed out of Seyhan Lee’s experiments and has become a go-to tool for creatives and VFX studios.