Andrew Cross

Industry Technologist and Inventor of NDI

Andrew Cross, Ph.D. has been named as the “most influential leader” in the media tech industry and chartered to lead the next phase of the company’s growth, empowering the digital transformation of its customers as they transition to the future of live media and entertainment. A noted executive and speaker at key media industry events, he pioneered the use of IP video for the industry and created NDI which was quickly adopted as the de-factor standard for IP video transmission. NDI has won numerous key industry awards from almost all major broadcast press and organizations and has been used by millions of users and thousands of companies.

In the past, Cross had served as an engineering manager and CEO of NewTek, where its products continued to disrupt the use of computers for video and audio production shipping products in almost category under his direction. He studied computational physics at the University of Manchester Institute of Science Technology, followed by his Ph.D. in computer vision at the University of Manchester.

While pursuing his Ph.D., Cross published over 20 papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals on computer vision, graph theory, and optimization.

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