Chris D’Angelo

Former Global Head of Studios for YouTube and Spotify

Chris D’Angelo is a distinguished figure in production and studio development, known for his innovative contributions to the digital media landscape. His career began with groundbreaking work at Universal Studios, where he was a digital innovator, followed by a pivotal role in transitioning Daily Variety into Variety Online, one of the first database-driven news websites.

D’Angelo’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish his own production company, delivering high-quality live-action and animated content for major studios like Warner Brothers, Lionsgate, and Disney. His expertise was further recognized in his roles at tech giants Google and Spotify. At Google, as the global head of studio production and programming, D’Angelo not only expanded YouTube Studios globally, developing cutting-edge facilities in major cities, but also led production teams across the world, ensuring a seamless integration of content creation and technological innovation. Similarly, at Spotify, as head of production and studio facilities, he was responsible for the conception, design, construction, and operation of over 20 high-end studios worldwide, earning accolades such as the Best Studio Award at the 2023 NAMM TEC Awards.

D’Angelo’s work is characterized by his ability to blend innovative design with advanced technology to create spaces that inspire artists and creators. His vision and leadership in both studio development and global production management have made him a respected authority in the industry.

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