David Polk

Executive Producer


As an award-winning executive producer at Intel Corporation, David Polk brings over two decades of expertise to the craft of creating engaging and memorable experiences for diverse audiences through innovative and immersive storytelling. His passion lies in translating key messages and objectives into production execution for the screen, stage, or in the studio – using teamwork, technology, and creative vision.

Polk’s foundational production sensibilities were cultivated under the guidance of some of the industry’s most visionary television producers. His achievements include multiple Emmy awards for his work at NBC Sports, contributing to some of the most-watched and challenging sports broadcasts in the industry, such as Super Bowl XLIX, Sunday Night Football, the Olympic Games, and nine Tours de France. This extensive experience has honed his ability to produce live and experiential corporate events, ranging from major product launches to CEO keynotes, and includes partnering with the White House for a live Presidential groundbreaking. Polk also develops wraparound content strategies for major corporate moments, delivering high-quality and impactful results. After pivoting from his career in sports in 2018, Polk was the senior producer at HP before moving to Intel in 2021.

Featured in: Studio Production & Post Track (1/23)