Jack Kelly

VP, Content Production


Over the course of a long and storied video production career, Jack Kelly has defined himself as a dedicated team player with a reputation for finding creative solutions to complex and daunting challenges.

Kelly has worked in all aspects of the production process, including everything from branded entertainment, commercials, and music videos to TV shows and feature films. He is also a member of the Director’s Guild of America. Kelly’s decade at Industrial Light and Magic taught him the value of thinking big and doing what it takes to reach seemingly unattainable goals. At Davie-Brown Entertainment & Embassy Row, he produced one of the first branded theatrical feature film releases and managed relationships between a dizzying array of powerful showbiz entities.

Kelly’s years as head of production for branded content pioneer, Science + Fiction provided a tremendous breadth of experience and resulted in some of the most successful and visible branded content initiatives ever made. He joined Freeman after serving as head of production for Ntropic’s Studio C at Apple, where he managed a large and diverse group of producers and artists and helped create a thriving workplace culture across diverse teams.

Since arriving at Freeman, Kelly has led a team of producers and artists, helped form a new Content Production Studio, produced and directed tons of first-rate content, and worked to up-level their overall video production quality.

Kelly is also the former ballpark organist for the Oakland A’s. Yes, really.

Featured in: Live Event Production Track