Malek Pallie

Global Technical Operations Manager

FIRST at Google
As FIRST’s global technical operations manager on the Alphabet account, Malek Pallie leads a team of systems engineers who oversee a complex network of production spaces and broadcast studios across the Americas, EMEA, and APAC.
Pallie’s passion lies in bridging the gap between desired business outcomes and architecting technical solutions to achieve those ends. From mixing front-of-house audio for premiere musical acts, to spearheading the seamless transition to remote workflows during the pandemic, he understands the intricate dance of talent, technology, and logistics that breathes life into every production. But Pallie’s expertise extends far beyond the immediate production.

He is a strategist, a leader, and a data-driven decision-maker. Pallie has successfully managed multi-million dollar budgets, built high-performing teams with diverse skillsets, and developed innovative workflows that have not only enhanced audience experiences but also boosted efficiency and return on investment. His acumen extends beyond the immediate production, influencing everything from long term risk management to strategic capital expenditures.