Michael Sternoff

Creative Director

Michael Sternoff, at the helm of creative direction at Amazon’s Project Kuiper, plays a crucial role in shaping the visual brand and marketing narrative of this initiative, which aims to expand internet access globally. His experience, regardless of digital medium, focuses on the intersection of storytelling and technology.
Starting out in the world of video journalism in Chicago, Sternoff developed a keen eye for stories that resonate. His documentary work, including projects for PBS and The New York Times, showcases his ability to translate complex narratives into compelling visual stories. In the realm of video games, Sternoff’s direction of trailers for titles like Moss, Halo, and Destiny, reflects a deep understanding of how to engage audiences in diverse mediums.
Sternoff’s creativity also extends to product design, with the development of the Magbelt, marrying functionality with a sleek design. This aspect of his work highlights his interest in bringing practical and aesthetic solutions to everyday challenges.
In his personal life, Sternoff enjoys the quieter moments in the Cascades with his dogs, wife, and son. These aspects of his life are spent in the cool mountain air with a camera in his hands.