Michel Suissa

Managing Director

The Studio – B&H

Over his multi-faceted career, Michel Suissa’s early work as a visual effects artist and creative director has been recognized for his innovative approach. An early adopter of advanced compositing, he pioneered visual style and image treatment techniques that have been widely adopted as industry standards. Suissa has and continues to act as an R&D consultant for several technology companies.

Suissa’s creative and technical excellence has matched him with top talent in the industry from world renowned designers to academy award cinematographers and directors. Due to his unique visual style, he was drawn to direct live action and has been an active member of the Director’s Guild of America for over a decade. Suissa’s work has been internationally acclaimed, and he is the recipient of a long list of industry awards such as the Association of Imaging Technology and Sound, International Monitor Awards, the Clios, the International Flame Awards, the MTV Video Music Awards, the New York Film Festival, Promax, The Broadcast Designers Association, and the Telly Awards. As part of his long standing support of the art of cinematography, he recently became an ASC Associate Member.

As the managing director of The Studio division of B&H, Suissa has spearheaded the development of high-end solutions for the professional media industry. Through his extensive experience in merging the worlds of production and post, he has a unique ability to combine the languages of aesthetics and technology which allows him to effortlessly connect to his peers. For the past decade, Suissa has dedicated himself to offering technology solutions and innovations to the media and entertainment community. He is credited with bringing B&H into a new era of prominence for a very diverse range of market verticals.

Suissa was born and raised in Paris, France. He currently lives in New York City.

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