Mina Sabet

Head of Production

TED Conferences

Mina Sabet is the head of production for the acclaimed media and conferences company devoted to spreading ideas, TED. She is responsible for all aspects of production, including the execution of the live event in the theater and the post-production process for all TED content on all O+O platforms.

At 18, Sabet spent a transformative year volunteering in war-torn Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge invasion where she found her passion for journalism. Four years later, she earned a dual degree in English and Journalism from NYU’s prestigious Arthur L. Carter journalism school.

Sabet’s career spans more than 20 years as a media and content pioneer in network television and technology. She took on executive roles at NBC, CNN, ABC, AVID Technology, and Nestle Global. Sabet is an award winning editor, writer, and producer for her work in content development, broadcast, and media.

In 2015, Sabet was offered the role of running production for TED Conferences and has transformed and grown the business to include content development, talks production, original content, and TED Talks Daily –TED’s most acclaimed and consumed podcast. She has also been responsible for TED’s partnerships with major global brands and created TED’s first custom headset.

Sabet now splits her time between Philadelphia and TED’s office in Manhattan with her husband and 2 children.

Featured in: Live Event Production Track