Erik Weaver

Entertainment Technology Center, Head of Virtual and Adaptive Production

Erik Weaver is an Emmy-nominated thought leader and Unreal Fellow. He is an accomplished leader with a background in delivering next-generation solutions, creating high-performing teams, and crafting strategies for long-term business success. Weaver is a specialist focused on virtual production and ICVFX in the entertainment industry, currently running adaptive and virtual production for ETC at USC. He has fostered and achieved many accomplishments in the M&E market including executive producer of The Suitcase CAA people choice award, Tribeca 2017 and a project focused on HDR, cloud-based workflows, and live 360. Weaver was executive producer of the Emmy nominated Wonder Buffalo and focused on an HDR, cloud, and volumetric capture. The project was brought together by volumetric capture, photogrammetry, ambisonic sound, and interactivity.  

Weaver executive produced FatHead, a film that pushes the boundaries of virtual production. He dove deep into next-generation in-camera VFX, metadata, sound design, virtual, and beings. Weaver also runs the ETC Virtual Production Working Group with key studio leads diving deep into the technical aspects of VP on lighting, LED’s color science and community education.